Say goodbye to the Mail, USB keys and FTP. Store and access files anytime from anywhere
Suyara™ breaks the shackles that tie you not only to physical storage such as magnetic tape, external hard drives, and USB keys, but also to cumbersome virtual storage strategies like FTP sites. Access your data at any time from wherever you access the internet. Your data is safe from hackers, power outages, and natural disasters.
Backed up in real time, it is always available when you need it.
Your Desktop Extension
Workflow remains the same while your productivity rises.
Once you set up your Suyara™ account, your storage experience becomes as close as your local desktop.
Drag files directly from your local file system and drop them into your Suyara™ storage. Our intuitive interface gives you a clear visual representation of your data, giving you confidence that we are organizing your data as you indicate, making it easy to share and delete files, and keeping your productivity at peak performance.
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